GCDS | Certilogo



Your trust and satisfaction are important to us. That's why from season SS19 we are using Certilogo, the smart, safe and simple system that lets you verify if a GCDS product is real or a fake.

It only takes a minute and a smartphone or internet connection to confirm that the product you bought is a real GCDS. Plus, if you get bad news, Certilogo documents and reports the fraud so you can demand a refund.

All you have to do is:

1. Find the Certilogo Code (or CLG Code) on the label.

2. Scan it with your favorite QR Code reader or with the Certilogo auth app or enter it manually at www.certilogo.com

3. Answer a few quick questions and share where you made your purchase.

Certilogo will provide you with a response a few seconds later: Authentic or Fake.

It's that simple!